ams : TMx4903 – Small, low-profile optical sensor module lowers BoM cost of advanced user interfaces

A new series of advanced optical sensing modules from ams, the TMx4903, integrates multiple functions including red/green/blue colour sensing, proximity and 3D gesture detection, as well as universal remote control and barcode emulation, in a low-profile and small footprint package.

The TMx4903 modules both reduce board space requirements and lower Bill-of-Materials (BOM) cost while supporting the advanced user-interface features found in today’s smartphones and other popular types of consumer electronics devices.

By integrating multiple optical sensing functions and an IR LED in a module, the TMx4903 devices help to simplify board layouts, giving greater flexibility to system designers. The low-profile 5mm x 2mm x 1mm package also helps designers to meet consumer demand for sleeker, slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing designs.

The module variants in the series, the TMD4903 and TMG4903, both perform accurate colour and proximity sensing, and integrate an IRBeam IR pattern generator. The pattern generator emits remote-control beam patterns for any standards-compliant consumer product. The remote-control capability is also compatible with the Android™ Consumer. IR programming interface. Mobeam™ 1D barcode emulation for use at retail point-of-sale terminals is also supported.

In addition, the TMG4903 device provides the industry’s most advanced touchless IR gesture-sensing capability. ams’ new 3D gesture technology enables the recognition of complex hand gestures, supplementing the simple north-south and east-west 2D gestures supported by ams’s first-generation TMG3992 gesture sensor.

The new 3D gesture and proximity capabilities draw on the modules’ automatic adjustment of the IR LED’s timing and power output, minimising noise and power consumption while optimising sensitivity and dynamic range. The integrated intelligent LED drive function eliminates the requirement for a host application processor to control the LED, which simplifies the system’s software implementation and reduces the processing power required for instantaneous gesture recognition.


  • Integrated ultraviolet and IR blocking filters
  • Automatic cross-talk cancellation
  • Dedicated GPIO to support an external IR LED driver
  • Ambient light measurement accurate to ±10%


  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Consumer electronics devices