C&K Components – Robust, IP67-rated KSC range of tactile dome-contact switches can withstand 5 million button presses


KSC switches: choice of colours, dome sizes and dome styles

C&K has introduced the KSC range of tactile dome-contact switches, which are suitable for use in applications requiring a lifetime rating of as many as 5 million cycles.

The switches developed by C&K are the KSC201 J/G LFS, the KSC401 J/G 50SH LFS, the KSC701 J/G LFS and the KSC1001 J/G LFS. These parts give designers a choice of colours, dome sizes and dome styles.

All provide positive tactile feedback to the user, and are IP67-rated for protection against moisture and other environmental hazards.

The switches are suitable for surface mounting, and offer J-bend or gullwing-type terminations. The termination material determines the operating temperature rating. Switches with silver terminations are rated for operation at temperatures between -40°C and 85°C. With gold terminations, this range is extended to cover -55°C to 125°C.


  • Maximum power: 1VA for silver; 0.2VA for gold
  • 32V DC maximum voltage
  • 20mV minimum voltage
  • Maximum current: 50mA for silver; 10mA for gold
  • Minimum current: 1mA for silver; 0.1mA for gold
  • >250V dielectric strength
  • <100mΩ contact resistance
  • >10MΩ insulation resistance


  • Automotive devices
  • Industrial electronics equipment
  • Network infrastructure
  • Computing equipment