Microchip – KSZ8091 : Highly integrated Ethernet PHY includes on-chip low-noise 1.2V regulator

Microchip’s KSZ8091 is a 10/100 Ethernet physical-layer transceiver (PHY), suitable for transmitting and receiving data over standard CAT-5 unshielded twisted pair cable.

A highly-integrated PHY, the KSZ8091 uses on-chip termination resistors for the differential pairs, integrates a low-noise regulator to supply the 1.2V core, and offers a flexible, digital I/O interface. The KSZ8091 also provides diagnostic features to facilitate system bring-up and debugging in production testing and in product deployment.

• Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support
• Wake-On-LAN (WOL) support with either magic packet, link status change, or robust custom-packet detection
• Power-down and power-saving modes


Orderable Part Number: KSZ8091RNA-EVAL