NXP – The new BUKxK line : Automotive designers benefit from higher power density with new dual MOSFETs


NXP dual-MOSFET package: operates at up to 175°C

NXP Semiconductors has extended its portfolio of automotive power MOSFETs in the LFPAK56D package, which has a Power-SO8 footprint.

The new BUKxK line of devices increases power density by fitting two MOSFETs into a single, robust package without impairing performance. In fact, the new dual MOSFETs are fully AEC-Q101-qualified for operation at temperatures up to 175°C.

Designers using the LFPAK56D products can reduce the footprint-per-MOSFET-channel by 77% compared to DPAK devices, and by 56% compared to single LFPAK56 devices. The new dual MOSFET packages are available with maximum voltage ratings of 30V, 40V, 60V and 100V.

The LFPAK56D package’s copper clip design eliminates the need for wire bonds.


  • High maximum drain-current ratings
  • Low package resistance and inductance
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Footprint compatible with other Power-S08 packages
  • Excellent tolerance of high transient currents
  • 100% avalanche tested


  • Engine and transmission controllers
  • Braking solenoid and motor drives
  • Space-constrained automotive switching applications