ON Semiconductor – STK5C4U332J-E : 3A IPM implements complete inverter stage in a single package

The STK5C4U332J-E is an Intelligent Power Module (IPM) from ON Semiconductor intended for use as an inverter in motor-drive systems.

Highly integrated and housed in a single DIP module, it implements a complete inverter stage from a high-voltage DC input to a three-phase IGBT output with a maximum continuous output current of ±3A. It offers under-voltage protection, and internal boost diodes are provided for high-side gate boost driving.

All the control-input and status-output signals from the STK5C4U332J-E are at a low voltage compatible with microcontrollers.

• Externally accessible embedded thermistor for substrate temperature measurement
• Built-in cross-conduction prevention
• 150°C maximum junction temperature
• 2,000Vrms isolation voltage


Orderable Part Number: STK5C4U332JGEVB