ON Semiconductor – Automotive buck converter NCV894530 provides adjustable output voltage


NCV894530 buck converter: avoids interference with AM radio band

The NCV894530 from ON Semiconductor is a DC-DC buck converter IC intended for use in automotive driver information systems that operate from a downstream voltage rail. It implements a synchronous rectification conversion scheme for high efficiency.

The output voltage is externally adjustable in a range from 0.9V to 3.3V, and can source up to 1.2A. The converter runs at a switching frequency of 2.1MHz, avoiding interference with the sensitive AM radio band, and enabling the use of a small inductor.

The NCV894530 provides various features expected in automotive power systems, such as integrated soft-start, hiccup-mode current limit, and thermal shut-down protection.The device can also be synchronised to an external 2.1MHz clock signal.

The NCV894530 is available in the same 3mm x 3mm 10-pin DFN package as the dual NCV896530, with a compatible pin-out.


  • Input voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • 1mA quiescent current (no switching)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Internal MOSFETs
  • Automatically synchronises with an external clock
  • AEC-Q100 qualified


  • Automotive audio systems
  • Automotive infotainment systems
  • Automotive instrumentation