SL Power – TE60 series efficient external AC-DC power supply complies with new level VI standard


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SL Power Electronics’ new TE60 series is a 60W external power supply which complies with the US Department of Energy’s new level VI efficiency standard.

The TE60’s high-performance design makes it an ideal solution for use with handheld test and measurement equipment and industrial devices, in which low noise and rugged performance are required. It is available in models with an output voltage of 5V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V or 48V.

The TE60 series also offers strong EMC performance, meeting the requirements of the industrial-grade EN61000-4-X standard, which protects end-use equipment from harsh electrical environments. Moreover, the TE60 series uses high-quality electrolytic capacitors, providing for a product life of longer than seven years.

Low common-mode noise, level 4 ESD protection (compliant with IEC 61000-4-2: 8kV/15kV) and surge protection (compliant with IEC 61000-4-5: 1kV differential mode/4kV common mode) help to ensure the highest overall performance.

The TE60 power supplies offer regulated output power with low ripple, no-load power consumption of less than 0.21W, and short-circuit and thermal protections. They meet the requirements of the EN55011/CISPR11, FCC Part 15.109 Class B standard for conducted and radiated emissions with a 6dB and 3dB margin respectively.

The TE60 features convenient IEC 60320 C14 grounded or C8 ungrounded inputconnector options which can accept input line cords with any appropriate plug configuration.


  • Input-voltage range: 90-264V AC
  • Three-year warranty
  • Approved to EN/IEC/UL 60950-1, 2nd Edition, Am. 2
  • >20ms hold-up time
  • ±5.0% total regulation
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 50°C


  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Industrial equipment