STMicroelectronics – The MDmesh™ K5 devices is the world’s first 1,500V MOSFETs for safer, greener power

A new family of power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics, the MDmesh™ K5 devices, are the first in the world to combine the benefits of superjunction technology with a very high drain-to-source breakdown voltage of 1,500V.

ST’s improved superjunction technology offers new high levels of performance, including the lowest on-resistance as a factor of area, the lowest gate charge, and the industry’s best Figure of Merit (FoM).

The first two members of the MDmesh K5 family are:
• the STW12N150K5, with a maximum drain-to-source current of 7A and gate charge as low as 47nC
• the 14A STW21N150K5, offering on-resistance as low as 0.9Ω

The devices are ideal for electronically commutated motors and all popular power-supply topologies, including standard, quasi-resonant and active-clamp flyback converters, and LLC half-bridge converters.
• 4V gate-source threshold voltage
• Withstands up to 50V/ns transients
• Junction-temperature range: -55°C to 150°C