Hirose : DF33C series 5A wire-to-board connectors withstand strong vibrations


DF33C connectors: contact retainers resist excessive pull forces

The new DF33C series of compact 5A wire-to-board connectors from Hirose offers highly reliable operation when used in internal power supplies.

The connector range consists of crimp sockets and vertical headers in single or double rows. The crimp-socket housing uses a two-point spring contact structure which stabilises the connection. The two contact points stop the contact from oscillating when exposed to vibration, thus eliminating the risk of corrosion due to fretting.

In addition, part of the barrel section of the crimp is designed to remain open to restrict movement and to provide high contact reliability, a secure connection and strong resistance to vibration.

The robust lock provides a clear tactile click when mated. This prevents incomplete mating and confirms the connector is fully engaged. The lock is centred to avoid the potential for uneven locking and cable entanglement, and to allow multiple connectors to be mounted side by side.

Separate contact retainers are available to prevent incomplete contact installation and to increase the retention force, a useful feature in applications in which excessive pull forces
might be applied to the cable.

Keying variations are available to prevent the incorrect insertion of the mating connector when multiple connectors are used. Built-in guide posts ensure accurate connector positioning and orientation on the board.

The connectors can accept resin sealing up to 6.5mm above the surface of the board to provide protection against dust and moisture.


  • Contact positions: 2-6 (single row), 4-12 (double row)
  • 3.3mm contact pitch
  • 500V AC-DC voltage rating
  • 30 mating cycles
  • Cable sizes: AWG 20-22


  • Industrial control systems
  • Robots
  • Medical devices
  • Smart meters
  • Home appliances
  • LED lighting
  • Office equipment