Littelfuse : SP1255P TVS diode array provides 100A of lightning surge protection

Littelfuse’s SP1255P TVS diode array provides superior protection from ESD strikes and severe transient surges in mobile applications which use wired data and power lines, such as USB2.0 and micro-USB ports.

The device integrates three channels of low-capacitance steering diodes with a low-voltage TVS diode to provide ESD protection of USB data and identification pins in accordance with the IEC 61000-4-2 standard. It features clamping voltages as much as 23% lower than those of similar silicon devices. Offering high surge-current protection, the SP1255P protects the host system against lightning-induced transients of up to 100A on the USB voltage bus.

• ±30kV ESD protection
• 0.5pF capacitance
• Small 2.0mm x 1.8mm package
• 0.3Ω dynamic resistance