Microchip : Launch of world’s first integrated IC – MCP9600 for converting thermocouple electromotive force to degrees Celsius

Microchip has released the MCP9600, a thermocouple-conditioning IC which combines precision instrumentation, a temperature sensor and a high resolution ADC, together with a math engine pre-programmed with the firmware required to support a broad range of standard thermocouple types.

By replacing the multiple discrete devices required to convert a thermocouple’s small signal to a temperature measurement, the single-chip MCP9600 simplifies thermocouple-based designs while also reducing board footprint, bill-of-materials cost and power consumption.

Thermocouples are widely used to measure temperature by the designers of industrial, consumer, automotive, aerospace and process-control applications, because of their robustness and accuracy in harsh, high-temperature environments, and their ability to measure temperature over a wide range.

The MCP9600 provides them with the world’s first plug-and-play solution for creating thermocouple-based designs, because it eliminates the design expertise required for a discrete implementation, such as firmware development using an MCU’s math engine. By using the MCP9600, designers avoid the need to create precision instrumentation circuitry to accurately measure a thermocouple’s microvolt-level signals, nor do they have to design ADC circuitry for temperature calculations.

The MCP9600 also provides built-in cold-junction compensation, removing the requirement to precisely measure the reference temperature of the thermocouple’s cold junction.

Other features of the MCP9600 include a temperature-data digital filter, which minimises the effects of temperature fluctuations, system noise and EMI. Its shut-down modes reduce
overall power consumption.


  • Supports type K, J, T, N, S, E, B and R thermocouples
  • ±1.5% maximum hot-junction accuracy
  • 0.0625°C resolution
  • 300μA operating current
  • I2C interface


  • Thermal management of petrochemicals
  • Hand-held measurement equipment
  • Thermal management of industrial equipment
  • Ovens
  • Temperature detection racks


Orderable Part Number: ADM00665