Microchip – RN1723 Wi-Fi module draws just 4μA in Sleep mode

The RN1723 from Microchip is a compact embedded Wi-Fi® module which offers the very low power consumption required in battery-powered IoT applications.

Measuring just 27mm x 18mm x 3.1mm, the RN1723 is a full-featured IEEE 802.11b/g surface-mount module. It has a full on-board TCP/IP/UDP stack, which means that no external drivers are required. Its firmware may be updated over the air.

The RN1723 uses very little power when not actively transmitting or receiving. In Sleep mode, it draws a current of 4μA, and its new powersaving Doze mode requires a 15mA current. The RN1723 provides the security functions required in IoT applications, offering advanced SSL/TLS security, which runs on an external PIC32 MCU, to safeguard client/server communications. Proper authentication is also provided for, since the module supports the Wi-Fi Protected Set-up (WPS) mode for secure wireless set-up, and the WEP, WPA and WPA2 secure Wi-Fi authentication schemes.


  • -83dBm receiver sensitivity
  • 12dBm maximum Transmit power
  • 120mA current required for 0dBm Transmit power
  • 40mA receiver current
  • AES-128 encryption


  • Remote equipment monitoring
  • Telemetry
  • Industrial sensors
  • Home automation
  • Battery-powered IoT devices


Orderable Part Number: RN-1723-EK