NXP Semiconductor : Secure contactless tag with I2C interface brings NFC capability to any MCU


NTAG I2C plus: contactless interface to smartphones

The new NTAG I²C plus from NXP Semiconductors, a feature-packed connected NFC tag, offers a fast and simple way to add tap-and-go connectivity to almost any electronic device.

The NTAG I2C plus is a family of connected, type 2 NFC tags which combine a passive, wireless NFC interface with a wired I2C interface. The second generation of NXP’s NTAG I2C family, the new devices maintain full backwards compatibility with the first-generation NTAG I2C products – part numbers NT3H1101/NT3H1201. The new devices also add advanced features for password protection, full memory-access configuration from both interfaces, and an ECC-based originality signature for protection against cloning.

• NFC interface complies with ISO 14443A parts 2 and 3
• 106kbits/s NFC data rate
• Energy-harvesting capability for powering host MCU
• Fast Read and Fast Write commands for higher data throughput