NXP Semiconductors : New PN5180 NFC front-end offers reliable operation in challenging environments


PN5180: multi-protocol support

NXP Semiconductors has announced the launch of the PN5180, an advanced, multi-protocol NFC front-end which offers efficient, robust and reliable operation even in harsh environments.

Building on the success of NXP’s PN512 front-end, the PN5180 provides four times more output power, and is designed to enable state of-the-art NFC readers without the need for an additional booster.

The PN5180 supports NFC-based standards including ISO/IEC 15693, Felica™, MIFARE® and the ISO/IEC 14443A/B specifications.

New features introduced in the PN5180 include:
• Dynamic power control – which improves RF system performance, optimises the effective power output, and minimises overall energy consumption by automatically compensating for detuning effects created by nearby smartcards, NFC-enabled smartphones or metal objects.
• Simple certification – the PN5180 is precertified for NFC Forum compliance and for the EMVCo L1 contactless payments standard.
• Easy design process – the PN5180 is supported by advanced design-in software tools, including an intuitive graphical user interface which supports software independent tuning of the antenna’s register settings. The PN5180 also comes with a completely overhauled NFC reader library which is portable to various controller cores.

The front-end is supplied with intellectual property licensing rights for the NXP ISO/IEC 14443-A, Innovatron ISO/IEC 14443-B and NXP MIFARE Crypto 1 technologies.


  • 250mA maximum transmitter current
  • Low-power card detection in Polling mode
  • 15μA stand-by current
  • Active load modulation for use with small antennas


  • Payment terminals
  • Access-control system readers
  • Industrial NFC readers
  • High-performance NFC readers



The OM25180FDK is a flexible and easy to use front-end development kit for the PN5180. It contains a PNEV5180B board with two different antennas, and three small antenna-matching PCBs for implementation of a custom antenna-matching circuit, as well as an NFC sample card based on an NTAG216F type 2 tag.
Orderable Part Number: OM25180FDK