ON Semiconductor : AX8052F143 RF MCU supports Sigfox protocol for use in wide-area IoT networks


ON Semiconductor’s AX8052F143 is a low-power RF microcontroller with a broad frequency range suitable for use in a wide variety of IoT devices.

By combining a microcontroller core with an RF transceiver in a single chip, the AX8052F143 enables designers to save board space and bill-of-materials costs compared to circuits comprised of a discrete MCU and RF ICs.

The AX8052F143 is notable for its low power consumption. At a maximum RF power output of 16dBm at 868MHz, the transceiver draws just 48mA. In addition, the receiver’s high sensitivity, up to -137dBm at a low data rate, enables the AX8052F143 to be used in designs requiring a long-range link between nodes. Spans of more than 10km are possible without the need for an external RF power amplifier.

The AX8052F143 radio’s support for the Sigfox wireless network protocol makes it ideal for use in the next generation of IoT equipment. Long-range, low data-rate, low-power Sigfox data networks are being built in many countries in Europe and elsewhere, providing a low-cost means to achieve universal radio coverage for bi-directional machine-to-machine communications.

The AX8052F143’s MCU core executes the industry-standard 8052 instruction set. The system clock can be programmed freely in a range from DC to 20MHz. As instructions are executed in a single cycle, the core can operate at a fast 20MIPS. A 64kbyte Flash memory is provided on-chip, enabling the use of C-programmed applications.

The device also features a dual-channel DMA engine which can transfer data to and from memory to any on-chip peripheral. A dedicated AES engine with its own DMA engine is provided for
encryption. The chip also features three general-purpose timers and a master/slave serial peripheral interface. Comparators and a 10-bit, 500ksamples/s ADC with flexible input modes let the MCU interface with analogue data streams.

An application builder in the AX-RadioLab toolset may be used to auto-generate C code.


  • Frequency range: 27MHz to 1,050MHz
  • Draws 950nA in Sleep mode with wake-up timer running and with 256byte SRAM retention.
  • 125kbits/s maximum data rate
  • Supports multiple modulation schemes: FSK, MSK, 4-FSK, GFSK, GMSK, AFSK, ASK, FM
  • 5mm x 7mm QFN40 package


  • Security equipment
  • Building automation
  • Wireless devices
  • Automatic meter reading


The F143-Mini-DVK is a miniature development kit intended for designers using the AX8052F143 for the first time. The F143-Mini-DVK consists of a USB debug adapter and a pair of RF modules, and includes all the software necessary to develop systems rapidly.
Orderable Part Number: F143-Mini-DVK