ON Semiconductor : NCS325 Op amps provide very high output stability over time and temperature


ON Semiconductor op amps: rail-to-rail inputs and outputs

ON Semiconductor’s NCS325 and NCS333 precision operational amplifiers have a very low maximum input-offset voltage of 10μV at ambient temperature, enabling them to achieve high output accuracy. They also feature near-zero drift over time and temperature.

When used in motor-control feedback and power-supply control loops, the NCS325 and NCS333 op amp devices provide for very high accuracy, thereby helping designers to achieve higher system efficiency. The devices are complemented by the NCV333 AEC-Q100-qualified op amp offering similar functional performance for use in automotive applications.

Featuring a typical 30nV/°C of offset temperature drift, these op amps are very well suited to low-side current sensing and voltage differential measurement in front-end sensor functions. The very low drift and offset values ensure that their outputs remain stable over a wide operating temperature range without the need for complex software calibration algorithms, resulting in easier system implementation and a longer product lifespan.

The NCS325 and NCS333 provide rail-to rail input and output performance, and operate from a power-supply voltage ranging from 1.8V to 5.5V. The devices offer a gain bandwidth of 350kHz.

Peak-to-peak noise is very low at 1.1μV from 0.1Hz to 10Hz.

The NCS325 and NCS333 offer an outstanding common-mode rejection ratio without the cross-over associated with traditional complementary input stages. This design results in superior performance when driving ADCs, avoiding degradation of their differential linearity.


  • 21μA quiescent current at 3.3V (NCS325)
  • 17μA quiescent current at 3.3V (NCS333)
  • 114dB open-loop voltage gain
  • 100μs turn-on time
  • Internal EMI filtering
  • AEC-Q101 qualified (NCS333)


  • Temperature measurement
  • Transducer applications
  • Current sensing