ROHM Semiconductor : Integrated USB power controllers BM92TxxMWV series support up to 100W power throughput

ROHM Semiconductor has announced a new class of power-controller ICs compatible with the latest USB Power Delivery (Rev 2.0) and USB type-C (Rev 1.1) specifications.

The BM92TxxMWV series supports not only conventional USB power-supply modes up to 7.5W, 5V at 1.5A, but also the new higher power levels specified in the latest USB standards, up to 100W, 20V at 5A, for USB type-C connected devices.

This will make it possible for the first time to drive equipment with a high power requirement, such as PCs, monitors and docking stations, via USB. It also means that compatible USB equipped portable devices may be charged up to four times faster than was possible under the previous standard.

The BM92TxxMWV parts include the following functional blocks:
• USB type-C baseband PHY
• Bi-phase mark code encoder/decoder
• USB-PD (Powered Device) protocol engine
• Two N-channel MOSFET switch drivers to control two MOSFETS each
• a FET for over-voltage protection
• SMBus interface for communicating with the host controller

The BM92T10MWV and BM92T30MWV are able to operate independently in an AC adapter or in a dead-battery condition in which the embedded controller is not operational.

The BM92T30MWV controller also supports the new DisplayPort Alternate Mode standard for carrying video over USB, eliminating the need for dedicated video cables.

In developing the BM92TxxMWV series, ROHM drew on advanced BiCDMOS processes and circuit technologies which make it possible to eliminate a power transistor and separate power supply when in power-receiving mode. This reduces the number of external parts by more than 20, including the external power-supply IC, helping to reduce the system’s board footprint and cost.

Part NumberPolicy ManagerPower RoleData RoleDisplay Port Alternate ModeDead-battery Support


  • Supply voltage range: 4.75V to 20V
  • Voltage and current values negotiated for optimum power delivery
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C to 105°C
  • Type-C cable orientation detection
  • Supports Deep Sleep mode


  • AC adapters
  • Portable devices
  • TVs and LCD monitors