STMicroelectronics : Low-cost ultrasound pulser application demonstrated in new STHV800-based board


STEVAL-IME013V1 board: embedded GUI aids evaluation

The STEVAL-IME013V1 evaluation board from STMicroelectronics provides a complete demonstration of an ultrasound pulser circuit, based on the STHV800 IC, for ultrasound imaging applications.

The STHV800 is an eight-channel, high-voltage and high-speed ultrasound pulser IC. The device integrates a controller logic-interface circuit which is compatible with both 1.8V and 3.3V input signals, level translators, MOSFET gate drivers, noise-blocking diodes, and high-power P-channel and N-channel MOSFETs as the output stage for each channel. These MOSFETs are capable of providing more than 2A of peak output current. Each channel has a dedicated bridge in order to reduce power dissipation and jitter in continuous-wave mode.

One of the main benefits of this device is that it requires very few external components: only decoupling capacitors on the high-voltage and low-voltage supplies, and a resistor to pull up the thermal shut-down.

The STEVAL-IME013V1 offers a simple way to evaluate the STHV800, backed by a convenient graphical user interface supplied by ST. Once the output waveforms from the board are configured, they may be displayed directly on an oscilloscope by connecting the scope probe to the respective on-board connector.


  • Up to four memory locations to store user-designed waveforms
  • USB connector to download stored waveforms
  • Dedicated connectors to supply high voltage and low voltage to the STHV800 output stage
  • Four-key button to quickly select the preferred programme


  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Driver for piezoelectric, capacitive or MEMS transducer


Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-IME013V1