STMicroelectronics : Low-power BlueNRG Bluetooth® SMART network processor provides complete support for Bluetooth 4.1 protocol

STMicroelectronics has released the latest version of its award-winning BlueNRG Bluetooth® SMART network processor, which supports the latest Bluetooth version 4.1 enhancements and operates from a 1.7V power supply for longer lasting battery-powered applications.

The new BlueNRG-MS network processor integrates a complete Bluetooth PHY and 2.4GHz radio, ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU running the Bluetooth 4.1 protocol stack, and a dedicated AES-128 security co-processor. The device also includes an application programming interface, power-management unit and Flash memory, allowing direct connection to the application’s host controller using a simple SPI bus.

By implementing the new Bluetooth 4.1 specification, the BlueNRG-MS enables developers to achieve improvements in energy efficiency while supporting dual-mode topologies containing devices operating as both master and slave.

The new Low-Duty-Cycle Directed Advertising mode minimises power consumed when connecting to known devices. In addition, Bluetooth 4.1 introduces the Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol (L2CAP), which enables flexible data exchanges to take advantage of multi-channel communications and improved quality of service.

ST’s BlueNRG-MS network processor can power devices such as a hub capable of collecting sensor data and subsequently acting as a peripheral to transfer the data to a smart phone. It can also enable the development of very large sensor networks with unlimited communication range, controlled by a single smartphone. Moreover, BlueNRG-MS supports the latest moves towards IP-based connectivity in Bluetooth 4.1, which enables developers to cater for future IoT opportunities.


  • 8.2mA maximum Transmit current at 0dBm and 3.0V
  • Integrated linear regulator and DC-DC step-down converter
  • 8dBm maximum output power
  • 96dB maximum RF link budget
  • 16MHz or 32MHz crystal oscillator
  • Battery-voltage monitor
  • Operating-temperature range:-40°C to 85°C


  • Watches
  • Fitness, wellness and sports equipment
  • Consumer medical devices
  • Security/proximity applications
  • Remote controls
  • Home and industrial automation
  • Assisted living
  • Mobile phone peripherals
  • PC peripherals


The STEVAL-IDB005V1 is made up of an RF daughterboard and a microcontroller motherboard. The daughterboard features the BlueNRG-MS device, an SMA connector for an antenna or measuring instruments and an SPI connector to an external MCU.
Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-IDB005V1