STMicroelectronics : Precision op amp TSX711 has very low offset voltage


TSX711: low input bias current

The TSX711 from STMicroelectronics is a single precision operational amplifier which has a very low input-offset voltage of 200μV maximum at 25°C.

Providing a rail-to-rail input and output, this device may be used on full-range inputs and outputs without limitation. This is particularly useful when operating on a low-voltage supply.
In fact, the TSX711 offers the great advantage of supporting a wide supply-voltage range, from 2.7V to 16V.

The TSX711’s low input bias current makes it ideal for signal conditioning in sensor-interface designs. In addition, the rail-to-rail characteristic makes it suitable for low-side and high-side current measurements.

What is more, the demand for ruggedness in automotive and industrial equipment can be satisfied by the TSX711, which features a high 4kV tolerance for ESD on the human-body model, and a wide operating-temperature range up to a maximum of 125°C.


  • 800μA maximum operating current
  • 2.7MHz gain bandwidth product
  • Unity gain stable
  • 50pA maximum input bias current
  • Automotive qualified


  • Battery-powered instrumentation
  • Instrumentation amplifiers
  • Active filtering
  • DAC buffers
  • High-impedance sensor interfaces
  • Current sensing

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