STMicroelectronics : ST25TA02K-P – Tag IC with on-board memory provides NFC bridge to a host MCU


CLOUD-ST25TA demo board: supported by Android application

STMicroelectronics’ ST25TA02K-P is a dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC with an embedded 2kbit EEPROM which enables it to operate as an NFC or RFID bridge between a host MCU and an external device.

The ST25TA02K-P, which supports the NFC Forum’s NDEF tag application for type 4 tags, conforms to the ISO/IEC 14443 Type A protocol for near-field communication, and is fully powered by
the reader’s RF field.

The IC may be activated by a 13.56MHz RFID reader or an NFC phone or tablet.

The general-purpose digital output signal of the ST25TA02K-P is active High when asserted, and thus can be used as a rising-edge interrupt to a host MCU. It may be configured through the RF interface for various uses, including field detection to wake-up a host MCU in a device such as a Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi® chipset. The ST25TA02K-P is supplied in either an eight-lead, 2mm x 3mm x 0.6mm flat package, or a six-lead 1.7mm x 1.4mm x 0.66mm flat package.


  • 106kbits/s data rate
  • 50pF internal tuning capacitance
  • 200 years’ data retention in EEPROM
  • One million erase-write cycles
  • 7byte unique identifier
  • 128-bit password protection


  • RF field detection and wake-up
  • NFC bridge to host MCU


The CLOUD-ST25TA is a ready-to-use demonstration board for the ST25TA02K-P dynamic NFC/RFID tag IC. The board includes a 19mm single-layer inductive antenna, and is supplied with an Android application to enable a smartphone or tablet to act as a reader.
Orderable Part Number: CLOUD-ST25TA