ams : Magnetic rotary sensor AS5047P provides accurate position measurements at very high speeds

Position and Speed Sensing

ams has introduced the AS5047P, a magnetic rotary position sensor for motor and motion-control applications which offers very high accuracy even at very high rotation speeds.

The 47 series magnetic sensors’ high-speed performance and ABI incremental outputs make them ideal as robust replacements for optical encoders. The total system cost of a design based on the 47 series is also normally far lower than the cost of an equivalent optical encoder or resolver.

Like other members of the 47 series of position sensors, the AS5047P features ams’ Dynamic Angle Error Compensation (DAEC™) technology, which roduces outstanding angle measurement accuracy even at very high rotation speeds. In the AS5047P, the maximum rated measurement speed is 28,000rpm, thus enabling it to support many high-speed rotating-shaft applications that previously could only be addressed with optical encoders.

The DAEC technology in the AS5047P provides compensation for the dynamic angle error caused by the propagation delay as the sensor processes raw measurements of magnetic field strength. DAEC thus eliminates the need for system designers to implement discrete error-correction circuitry in an external DSP or MCU. With DAEC, the AS5047P achieves very high accuracy, rated at a maximum 0.34° at a constant rotation speed of 28,000rpm (excluding integral non-linearity).

The 47 series’ ABI outputs are equivalent to the outputs of a standard optical encoder, so motor-control system designers can easily replace an optical encoder with an ams magnetic position sensor measurement system without any change to their control software or interface. In the AS5047P, the maximum resolution of the ABI output is 4,000 steps/1,000 pulses per revolution in decimal mode, and 4,096 steps/1,024 pulses per revolution in binary mode.

The device also simultaneously provides a standard UVW commutation interface for use in brushless DC motors, eliminating the need for discrete Hall sensor switches.


  • High immunity to stray magnetic fields
  • Unaffected by dirt, dust, grease, humidity and other contaminants
  • Absolute angle position provided as PWM-encoded signal


  • Motor-control systems


The AS5x47P motor board is a simple PCB which adapts to standard-size brushless DC or stepper motors. The sensor and all necessary external components are mounted on the PCB.

Orderable Part Number: AS5X47P-TS_EK_MB