Atmel : SMART SAM E70 – 300MHz MCU with floating-point unit supports high-precision motion control

Control and Communications Systems

The Atmel® | SMART SAM E70 is a series of high-performance microcontrollers based on the 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M7 processor with a floating-point unit, supporting the very high-speed digital signal processing required by applications which precisely control the motion of a robotic arm.

The SAM E70 provides more than four times the performance of previous Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M-based MCUs. The devices run at speeds up to 300MHz and include a high-performance SRAM memory system of up to 384kbytes, incorporating tightly-coupled memories.

The combination of connectivity, SRAM and peripheral availability makes the SAM E70 ideal for sophisticated industrial designs. All devices come with Hi-Speed USB Host and Device interfaces with an on-chip Hi-Speed USB PHy. Up to 2Mbytes of Flash memory is also provided on-chip.

The MCUs offer an extensive peripheral set, including Ethernet 10/100, dual CAN-FD, up to eight UARTs, I2S, an SD/MMC interface, a CMOS camera interface, system control and a 12-bit, 2Msamples/s ADC. Security is assured with the provision of high-performance crypto-processors for AES, SHA and true random number generation.


SAM E70: on-board crypto-processors


  • Embedded voltage regulator for single supply operation
  • 2Msamples/s 12-bit DAC
  • CMOS image sensor interface
  • Dual-port, 24-channel DMA controller
  • Two four-channel, 16-bit PWMs


  • Industrial control
  • Building control systems
  • IoT devices
  • Consumer devices


The Atmel | SMART SAM E70 Xplained evaluation kit includes a SAM E70 MCU, Ethernet, Hi-Speed USB and SD cards, an embedded debugger and two Atmel XPRO extension headers. Extension boards for the SAM E70 Xplained kit may be purchased individually.
Orderable Part Number: ATSAME70-XPLD