Diodes Inc. : DGD21xx series high-voltage gate drivers for half-bridge and full-bridge circuits

Drive and Protection

Featuring both high- and low-side output-drive capability, the DGD21xx series of 600V gate drivers provides a simple means of switching power MOSFETs and IGBTs in the half-bridge and full-bridge configurations commonly used in industrial motor drives, power supplies and inverters.

The DGD2103, DGD2104, DGD2108 and DGD2184 devices are supplied in SO8 and SO16 packages which are pin-compatible with equivalent devices from other manufacturers, while giving faster response times and lower quiescent currents. Compatible with 3.3V logic-level inputs, the DGD21xx parts can be driven directly by a microcontroller.

• Fixed dead-time delay to avoid shoot-through problems
• Schmitt-triggered inputs to eliminate false triggering
• Gate drive is tolerant of negative transients