Fairchild Semiconductor : FNA23512A – 35A inverter module supports various synchronous motor types

Drive and Protection

The FNA23512A from Fairchild is a 1,200V Motion SPM® 2 smart power module providing a high-performance 35A three-phase inverter output stage for AC induction, brushless DC and permanent-magnet synchronous motors.

The module includes gate drivers optimised for its builtin IGBTs to minimise EMI and power losses. Multiple protection features are also provided, including under-voltage lock-out, over-current shut-down, temperature sensing and fault reporting.

A new part is planned for 2016 which offers a power rating of 1,200V/50A.

• Thermally efficient Direct Bonding Copper (DBC) package
• NTC thermistor
• 2,500Vrms isolation rating