Intersil : ISL2632x family Low-power 12-bit ADC family features single-ended and differential inputs


ISL2632x ADCs: excellent linearity

Sensor Interface

Intersil’s ISL2632x family of ADCs offers excellent linearity over power-supply and temperature variations.

The family is available in versions with one-, two-, four- and eight-channel single-ended inputs, and one-, two- and four-channel differential inputs.

A proprietary input multiplexer and combination buffer amplifier reduce the input-drive requirements, resulting in lower cost and a smaller board footprint. Power consumption is just 15mW at a sampling rate of 250ksamples/s. Operating current is 8μA between conversions in the Auto Power-down mode.

• 0.7LSB maximum differential non-linearity
• 86dB total harmonic distortion
• Pin-compatible for easy migration between devices