Littelfuse : AUML series MOV transient surge suppressors occupy less space than diode equivalents


AUML series: leadless chip form factor

Drive and Protection

The AUML series of multi-layer transient surge suppressors from Littelfuse provides protection from transient voltages at the output of the power supply and at the input of the control and communication system and the motor drives in robotic arms.

The AUML transient suppressors – which are metal-oxide varistors – have temperature-independent suppression characteristics affording protection across a temperature range from -55°C to 125°C.

The devices are available in ceramic leadless chip form, eliminating lead inductance and assuring fast speed of response to transient surges. These suppressors require significantly smaller space and land pads than silicon transient voltage-suppression diodes, offering greater flexibility in circuit-board layout.

• AEC-Q200-qualified
• SAE specification J1113 rating
• Load-dump energy capability up to 25J