Microchip : Digital signal controller family, dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ optimised for digital power applications

Control and Communication Systems

Microchip has introduced the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’, a family of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) offering the performance to implement sophisticated non-linear, predictive and adaptive power-control algorithms at high switching frequencies.

The use of these advanced algorithms produces power-supply designs which are more energy efficient and have better specifications. The higher switching frequencies supported by the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ parts enable the development of smaller power supplies, which offer the benefits of higher density and lower system cost.

Variants from this new DSC family are available in the industry’s smallest, 4mm x 4mm UQFN package. Microchip’s MPLAB® Starter Kit for Digital Power enables users of the dsPIC33EP ‘GS’ family to experiment with various popular digital power-conversion topologies.


Orderable Part Number: DM330017-2