NXP Semiconductor : Highly integrated AC-DC controller TEA1716 implements PFC and half-bridge conversion

Power Supply

The TEA1716 from NXP Semiconductors integrates a PFC controller and a controller for a half-bridge resonant converter in a multi-chip module. It provides the drive function for the discrete MOSFET in an up-converter and for the two discrete power MOSFETs in a resonant half-bridge configuration.

Efficient PFC operation is achieved by implementing functions for Quasi-Resonant (QR) operation at high power levels and for QR operation with valley skipping at lower power levels. Over-current and over-voltage protections and demagnetisation sensing ensure safe operation under all conditions.

• Enables resonant applications to comply with Energy Using Product Directive lot 6
• Universal mains input-voltage range
• Valley/zero-voltage switching for low switching losses