ON Semiconductor : NCP1399 – Controller for half-bridge resonant converters integrates high-voltage gate drivers


NCP1399: simplifies layout of converter circuits

ON Semiconductor’s NCP1399 is a high-performance current-mode controller for half-bridge resonant converters. It integrates 600V gate drivers, simplifying the layout of converter circuits and reducing external component count.

The built-in brown-out input function eases implementation of the controller in all applications. In applications in which a PFC front-end is needed, the NCP1399 features a dedicated output to drive the PFC controller. This feature, together with the dedicated skip-mode technique, improves the light-load efficiency of the whole application.

The NCP1399 provides a suite of protection features allowing safe operation in any application. These include overload protection, over-current protection to prevent hard switching cycles, brown-out detection, open optocoupler detection, automatic dead-time adjustment, and over-voltage and over-temperature protections.


  • Operating frequency range:20kHz to 750kHz
  • Automatic dead-time with maximum dead-time clamp
  • Current-mode control for safety and excellent transient response
  • Dedicated start-up sequence for fast resonant tank stabilisation
  • Open feedback-loop protection
  • Start-up current source with extremely low leakage current


  • Power adapters
  • Offline battery chargers
  • Industrial and medical power supplies


ST’s STW42N60M2-EP
ON Semi’s NCP4305