STMicroelectronics : New 32-bit MCU (STM32F410) with small footprint offers extra power and cost benefits

STMicroelectronics has extended its STM32F4 Access Line of microcontrollers with the STM32F410, a smaller device which offers lower cost and power consumption than other members of the series.

The STM32F410 features the ARM® Cortex®-M4F core, giving performance of 125 DMIPS and 339 EEMBC® CoreMark® at its maximum 100MHz frequency. Power-saving STM32 Dynamic Efficiency™ features such as the Adaptive Real Time ART Accelerator™ and voltage scaling help to bring power in normal operation down to 89μA/MHz. When normal operation is suspended, the Stop mode current is just 6μA.

Despite the small size of the STM32F410 devices, they feature a strong peripheral set, including a motor-control timer, three 16-bit general-purpose timers and a 32-bit/100MHz timer. Communication ports include SPI, I2C, I2S and USART plus an ISO 7816 interface, as well as a 12-bit DAC, a feature not found on other STM32F41x devices. Designers of sensing applications on a tight power budget can take advantage of the STM32F410’s support for batch acquisition mode, one of ST’s Dynamic Efficiency innovations, which enables efficient use of the microcontroller’s power-management modes by capturing sensor data directly into SRAM while the core and Flash remain off. The STM32F410 also introduces a new Run mode which allows Flash to be powered down.

The STM32F410 is available in three package styles, including a 2.55mm x 2.58mm 36-bump chip-scale package, making it the smallest STM32 F4 device. The STM32F410 is supplied with either 64kbytes or 128kbytes of Flash memory.

An updated STM32CubeF4 software suite comprises hardware abstraction layer, middleware and code examples, together with the latest STM32CubeMX code generator.


  • 32kbytes of SRAM
  • 12-bit ADC running at up to 2.4Msamples/s
  • 16-channel DMA controller
  • Low-power timer which runs in Stop mode with an internal or external clock source
  • True random number generator
  • Real-time clock and calendar


  • Wearable devices
  • IoT devices
  • Sensor hubs
  • Building automation
  • Personal medical devices
  • Smartphones


Diodes’ PAM8905

On-board support for Arduino Uno connectivity and ST Morpho connectors make it easy to expand the NUCLEO board with stackable modules such as motion sensing, NFC, Bluetooth® or IEEE 802.15.4 radio boards.

Orderable Part Number: NUCLEO-F410RB