STMicroelectronics : STW42N60M2-EP – 600V power MOSFET features very low gate-charge rating

The STW42N60M2-EP from STMicroelectronics is a 600V N-channel power MOSFET which features an extremely low gate charge, providing for high efficiency in switching power supplies.

The MOSFET benefits from ST’s MDmesh™ M2 Enhanced Performance (EP) technology. Thanks to its strip layout and improved vertical structure, the device has a low typical on-resistance of 76mΩ. It also has excellent switching characteristics with very low turn-off switching losses, rendering it suitable for the most demanding high-frequency converters.

Total gate charge is rated at just 55nC at 480V and 34A. Turn-off energy is 14.5mJ at 400V and 5A. The rise time is specified at 9.5ns when drawing 17A at 300V, and the fall time at 8ns.

The STW42N60M2-EP is provided in a TO-247 package. The same die is available as the STB42N60M2-EP in a D2PAK package, and as the STP42N60M2-EP in a TO-220 package.


  • Excellent output-capacitance profile
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener-protected


  • Switching applications
  • Ideal for converters operating at frequencies above 150kHz

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