STMicroelectronics : STx10N95K5 – 950V N-channel MOSFETs suitable for high powerdensity designs

Power Supply

The STx10N95K5 from STMicroelectronics is a series of N-channel Zener-protected power MOSFETs with a 950V/8A rating suitable for switching power supplies in industrial equipment.

Based on ST’s avalanche-rugged, very high-voltage SuperMESH™ 5 technology, they feature low on-resistance of 0.65Ω. Also benefitting from very low gate charge, these MOSFETs are ideally suited to applications which require high power density and efficiency.

The devices are available in four package styles: STB10N95K5 in a D2PAK, STF10N95K5 in a TO-220FP, STP10N95K5 in a TO-220 and the STW10N95K5 in a TO-247.

• 22nC gate charge at 8A, 760V
• 100% avalanche tested
• Zener diode protection