Vishay : 1,200V IGBT module for half-bridge circuits (VS-40MT120UHAPbF / VS-40MT120UHTAPbF)

Drive and Protection

The VS-40MT120UHAPbF and VS-40MT120UHTAPbF from Vishay are 1,200V IGBT modules intended for use in half-bridge driver circuits.

Based on fast Non-Punch-Through (NPT) IGBT technology, the VS-40MT120 devices offer outstanding zero-voltage switching and hard-switching performance. The low levels of EMI that they emit lower the requirement for snubbing in end-product circuits.

The devices’ MTP package has terminals which may be soldered to a PCB, and features very low junction-to-case thermal resistance.

• 10μs short-circuit capability
• Very low stray inductance
• UL recognised