Vishay : 150 CRZ series aluminium electrolytic capacitors feature very low impedance rating


150 CRZ aluminium electrolytic capacitors: no peak-current limitation

The 150 CRZ series of aluminium electrolytic capacitors from Vishay features a very low ‘Z’ rating, or maximum impedance at 100kHz, of 35mΩ, together with a high ripple current of up to 1,756mA.

Containing a non-solid, self-healing electrolyte, the 150 CRZ capacitors are ideal for use in circuits which require the filtering of unwanted noise, smoothing of DC voltages, buffering of electrical energy or decoupling of superimposed AC ripple.

The RoHS-compliant 150 CRZ capacitors are charge and discharge-proof, so there is no peak-current limitation. For vibration-proof performance, the devices are offered in four-pin and six-pin versions, as well as with two pins. In addition, most parts in the series are available with an enhanced high-temperature reflow-soldering capability in accordance with the JEDEC® J-STD-020 standard.

The 150 CRZ capacitors are available in case sizes ranging from the smallest, at 8mm x 8mm x 10mm, to the largest, 18mm x 18mm x 21mm, and with capacitance ratings ranging from 4.7μF to 10,000μF.


  • Useful life at 105°C: 2,500h to 10,000h
  • Low equivalent series resistance
  • AEC-Q200-qualified


  • Automotive power trains
  • Chassis electronics
  • Industrial drives
  • Automation equipment
  • Renewable-energy generators
  • Domestic appliances
  • Building-control systems
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Switch-mode power supplies