Vishay : New IGBT power modules increase efficiency and reduce conduction losses


Vishay IGBT modules: high current density

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced four new half-bridge and single-switch IGBT power modules intended specifically for use in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding machines.

Built on Vishay’s proprietary ‘Trench PT’ IGBT technology, the VS-GP100TS60SFPbF, VS-GP250SA60S, VS-GP300TD60S and VS-GP400TD60S feature extremely low collector-to-emitter voltages, reducing conduction losses and helping to improve the energy efficiency of the output inverter stage in welding machines.

Efficiency as well as long-term reliability are also enhanced by the low turn-off switching energy required by the modules, which is around half as much as that of the previous generation of devices.

Since the Trench PT IGBTs are smaller than equivalent planar IGBTs, they offer higher current density and lower thermal resistance (junction-to-case) without compromising performance.

Part NumberVS-GP100TS60SFPbFVS-GP250SA60SVS-GP300TD60SVS-GP400TD60S
Continuous Collector Current100A250A300A400A
Collector-emitter Voltage1.16V1.10V1.30V1.30V
PackageINT-A-PACKSOT-227DIAP, low profileDIAP, low profile
Turn-off Switching Energy15.3mJ11mJ33mJ45mJ
CircuitHalf-bridgeSingle SwitchHalf-bridgeHalf-bridge
IGBTTrench PTTrench PTTrench PTTrench PT


  • Low 17mm profile of dual INT-A-PAK package
  • ≤5nH stray inductance
  • Low EMI reduces snubbing requirements
  • UL recognised
  • Direct mounting to heat-sink


  • Output inverter stages for welding machines