Fairchild Semiconductor – AC-DC converter IC – FSL3276ALR requires few external components

Fairchild’s FSL3276ALR is an integrated AC-DC converter which allows designers to implement a high-performance offline buck, buck-boost or non-isolation flyback Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) with few external components.

Featuring a PWM controller and a 650V ‘SenseFET’ MOSFET, the regulator enables operation of the SMPS without an auxiliary bias winding. An internal transconductance amplifier reduces the number of external components required in the feedback compensation circuit.

The FLS3276ALR is featured in a Fairchild design for a 0.25W auxiliary power supply. It is demonstrated in the FEBFSL3276ALRN evaluation board, which has an input-voltage range of 85V to 145V AC, and a full-load output of 50mA at 5V. The board measures just 18mm x 18mm.
• Low power losses in stand-by mode
• Under-voltage lock-out
• Integrated gate driver
• EMI attenuator


Orderable Part Number: FEBFSL3276ALRN