Fairchild Semiconductor – Compact optocouplers (HMHA281 and HMHA2801) suitable for isolating DALI interfaces

The HMHA281 and HMHA2801 are optocouplers consisting of a gallium arsenide (GaN) infra-red LED driving a silicon photo-transistor, housed in a compact four-pin mini-flat package.

The half-pitch leads, of just 1.27mm, help designers to save space in their board layout. The maximum stand-off height is just 2.4mm.

The devices are ideal for use in the isolation of the interface between a smart light and a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) network.

• Withstands 3,750V AC for one minute in accordance with UL1577
• 565V peak working insulation voltage in accordance with DIN-EN/IEC60747-5-5

Part NumberCurrent Transfer Ratio
HMHA28150% to 600%
HMHA280180% to 600%
HMHA2801A80% to 160%
HMHA2801B130% to 260%
HMHA2801C200% to 400%