Intersil – Ambient light sensor and proximity sensor, ISL29147 in a single package


Intersil’s ISL29147: mimics response of human eye

Intersil’s ISL29147 is a low-power Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and proximity sensor with a built-in infra-red LED in a single package measuring just 2.4mm x 4mm x 1mm.

Two photo-diode arrays measure the amount of light in the visible spectrum incident on the ISL29147. They mimic the human eye’s response to the wavelength curve of visible light. In interior lighting-control applications, this means that higher or lower illuminance values measured by the ISL29147 will reflect the user’s sense of the relative brightness or darkness of the room.

The 12-bit ALS’s accuracy is enhanced by a passive optical filter which removes unwanted infra-red and ultraviolet wavelengths.

• I2C interface
• Programmable IR LED drive current
• 0.2μA power-down current