Intersil – Dimmable mains LED driver, ISL1904 offers PFC and primary-side regulation



Dimmable mains LED driver offers PFC and primary-side regulation

The ISL1904 LED driver IC is a flyback controller used for single-stage conversion of AC mains to a constant-current source with Power Factor Correction (PFC).

The ISL1904 LED driver provides all of the features required for high-performance dimmable LED ballast designs. It supports both AC and DC inputs, and can be used to implement isolated or non-isolated flyback and boost topologies.

Operating in critical conduction mode, the controller regulates the output current by monitoring the primary-side switching current so that the feedback signal does not cross the isolation barrier.

• Excellent LED current regulation over line, load and temperature
• 0-100% dimming with leading-edge (triac) and trailing-edge dimmers
• Up to 0.995 power factor and less than 20% harmonic content


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