Lumileds – Illumination-grade LUXEON® HR30 LEDs offer high resistance to corrosion in chemical environments


LUXEON HR30: highly reflective housing

Lumileds has introduced a new mid-power LED which is able to operate reliably in hot and extremely harsh chemical environments.

The LUXEON® HR30 LEDs are resistant to chemicals which are commonly found in high concentrations, such as chlorine and sulphur. This makes them suitable for use in applications such as buildings containing a swimming pool, in which they offer long operating lifetime over a wide temperature range.

The HR30 series is available with a wide variety of light-output ratings for flexible end-product development options. These include Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) values of 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K and 5,700K and minimum colour-rendering index values of either 70 or 80. The CCT performance is hot-targeted at a junction temperature of 85°C to reflect typical real-world usage of the LEDs. The HR30 devices are also available with an ESD protection level of either 2kV or 8kV.

The strong resistance to chemicals offered by the HR30 LEDs is due in part to their gold-plated lead-frame package and highly reflective housing made of strong Silicone Moulding Composite (SMC) material. The LEDs’ resistance to chemical environments has been tested in accordance with the IEC 68-2-43 and 68-2-60 standards.

The typical luminous efficacy of the HR30 LEDs is up to 134 lumens/W.


  • Tight colour control of production units
  • >100,000 hours’ lifetime at 150mA forward current and 105°C junction temperature
  • 150°C maximum LED junction temperature
  • Operating case-temperature range:-40°C to 125°C
  • 120° typical viewing angle (full-width half-maximum)


  • Indoor area lighting
  • Industrial lamps and fixtures
  • Outdoor lighting for harsh environments