NXP Semiconductors – New 20V trench MOSFETs, PMN16XNE and PMN30UNE offer high power capability


NXP 20V MOSFETs: 1kV ESD capability


NXP Semiconductors has introduced two new 20V, N-channel trench MOSFETs which are ideal for use in LED drivers and other types of power-switching circuits. The PMN16XNE and PMN30UNE are N-channel enhancement-mode trench MOSFETs housed in a small SOT457 (SC-74) surface-mount plastic package.

Rated for a maximum drain-source voltage of 20V, the PMN16XNE is easy to drive, featuring a maximum gate-source voltage of ±12V.

The MOSFET has an unusually high power-dissipation capability of 1.4W when mounted on an FR4 PCB, and provides more than 1kV of protection against electro-static discharge according to the human body model.

The PMN30UNE has a slightly lower power-dissipation capability than the PMN16XNE, at 1.24W. Its gate-source voltage is rated at a maximum ±8V. It offers the same level of protection against ESD strikes as the PMN16XNE.


  • Low-side load switches
  • Switching circuits
  • 6.9A maximum continuous drain current at an ambient temperature of 25°C
  • 15mΩ on-resistance
  • 12nC total gate charge
  • 15K/W thermal resistance from junction to solder point
  • Junction-temperature range: -55°C to 150°C


  • LED drivers
  • Power management