NXP Semiconductors – PN7120 Tag and NTAG I2C plus controller ICs provide end-to-end solution for NFC communication

NXP Semiconductors’ PN7120, an NFC controller IC, and the NTAG I2C plus, an NFC Forum Type 2 tag with an I2C interface, enable the easy integration of NFC functionality into lighting-control systems.

By embedding NFC capability in end nodes, such as smart light bulbs, and in a network gateway, manufacturers can enable ‘tap and go’ commissioning of network devices. Because the NFC wireless link only works over a short distance, it is inherently secure, and it is also easy to use and does not require the user to input a security key or password.

The PN7120 NFC controller, for implementing NFC reader functionality in a gateway, comes with complete on-chip NFC firmware and an NFC Controller Interface (NCI) designed for contactless communication at 13.56MHz.

It consists of a full-featured RF frontend and an ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller core loaded with firmware supporting the NCI 1.0 host communication protocol. This embedded firmware supports every NFC protocol. Linux and Android™ drivers as well as an IoT support package for the Windows® operating system provide for fast integration into various operating environments.

The NTAG I2C plus is a family of connected, type 2 NFC tags which combine a passive, wireless NFC interface with a wired I2C interface. The NT3H2111 and NT3H2211 parts offer a fast and simple way to add tap-and-go connectivity to end nodes such as smart light bulbs.


  • NCI operates over I²C host interface
  • Full compliance with all standards relevant to NFC
  • Buffered output drivers to connect an antenna with few external components


The PN7120 NFC Controller SBC kit is a flexible and easy-to-use single-board computer kit. It contains a PN7120 NFC controller board, a Raspberry Pi interface board, a BeagleBone interface board, as well as an NFC Forum Type 2 tag in the form of a MIFARE® Ultralight card.
Orderable Part Number: OM5577