NXP Semiconductors – Qi IC, NXQ1TXH5 – provides complete power stage for a wireless energy transmitter


NXP Semiconductors’ new NXQ1TXH5 is a controller and driver transmitter IC for a 5V Qi-compliant low-power wireless charger.

It offers a fully integrated solution which includes a 5V full-bridge power stage as defined in the Qi standards A5, A11, A12 and A16 specified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

The 5mm x 5mm NXQ1TXH5 uses analogue ping circuitry to detect Qi receiver devices. This detection circuit uses very little power in the wait state – the chip’s stand-by power consumption is typically just 10mW.

After a Qi-compliant receiver is recognised, the NXQ1TXH5 safely initiates wireless power transfer from the transmitter to the receiver, while monitoring for fault conditions such as overheating or interference from metal objects – the device supports the Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function.

The NXQ1TXH5 is best operated from a 5V USB power supply, and automatically adjusts the output power to compensate for power-constrained supplies.

LED outputs and a buzzer output are available for the user interface. The LED outputs feature a number of blinking modes. Multiple NXQ1TXH5-based transmitters may operate from a single USB power supply, since the devices are able to limit the power consumed by each device.


  • Up to 8W Transmit power
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Exceeds EN55022 specifications for radiated and conducted emissions
  • Very few external components required
  • Integrated coil current measurement
  • Dual-channel ASK communication with receiver


  • Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi wireless power transmitters
  • 1-3W wireless charging for wearable devices, remote controls, toys, medical tools and small home appliances


The NXQ1TXH5DB1401 is a slim demo board of a WPC 1.2 Qi-compliant single-coil wireless charger.
Orderable Part Number: NXQ1TXH5DB1401