NXP Semiconductors – TJA1100 Low-power automotive Ethernet PHY for use with UTP cable


TJA1100 Ethernet PHY: 100Mbits/s data rate suitable for automotive infotainment networks

The TJA1100 from NXP Semiconductors is an IEEE 100BASE-T1-compliant Ethernet physical layer device for use in automotive networks. The IEEE 100BASE-T1 designation was formerly known as OPEN Alliance BroadR-Reach.

The device provides a full duplex 100Mbits/s transmit and receive capability over a single Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable, supporting a cable length of at least 15m thanks to its adaptive receiver equaliser. The transmitter is well suited for capacitive coupling to twisted-pair cable.

The TJA1100 features a configurable pulse amplitude in the transmitter, which is adjusted to suit the cable length. It also implements a remote wake-up mechanism that enables the PHY to enter a low-power sleep mode when Ethernet communication is not needed. The Ethernet link then can be re-enabled by waking up the TJA1100 with messages carried over the UTP cable itself. Both these features help the system designer to keep power consumption to a minimum.

The TJA1100 includes the ability to diagnose cabling errors, identifying shorts and opens. It is rated for operation over a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.


  • Enhanced integrated PAM-3 pulse shaping for low RF emissions
  • Low-power sleep mode with local wake-up
  • Robust remote wake-up via the bus lines
  • ±6kV ESD protection
  • Protection against transient voltages
  • AEC-Q100-qualified


  • Automotive Ethernet networks
  • Automotive IP camera links
  • Driver-assistance systems
  • Automotive backbone networks