ON Semiconductor – The NGTB75N60FL2, 600V IGBT offers efficient operation and fast switching

ON Semiconductor’s NGTB75N60FL2 is a 600V IGBT with a co-packaged diode which features a robust and cost effective field stop trench construction, and provides superior performance in demanding switching applications. Its maximum collector current at a case temperature of 100°C is 75A.

The NGTB75N60FL2 is notable for its extremely efficient performance, the result of its low on-state voltage and low switching losses. Forward voltage is rated at a typical 2.2V at a forward current of 75A. The turn-on switching loss is a typical 2.2mJ and turn-off switching loss is 1.1mJ, giving total switching losses of just 3.3mJ when supplying a collector current of 75A at 400V.

In these conditions, the rise time is 48ns and the turn-on delay is 110ns. Fall time is 70ns and the turn-off delay is 270ns. The typical gate charge is specified at 310nC.


NGTB75N60FL2: efficient operation in solar inverters



  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • Soft and fast reverse-recovery diode
  • Suitable for high-speed switching
  • 5μs short-circuit capability


  • Solar inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Welding equipment