ROHM Semiconductor – Optical proximity and ambient light sensor, RPR-0521RS in integrated module


RPR-0521RS: works well even in dark conditions

The RPR-0521RS from ROHM Semiconductor is a new proximity and ambient light sensor module.

It includes an optical proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and infra-red LED. The proximity sensor detects the presence of a human body, which will reflect IR light back to the sensor within a range up to 100mm.

The ambient light sensor detects ambient visible light and infra-red light over a very wide range of illuminance values from dark up to direct sunlight.

The measurement of ambient light enables smart lighting controllers to dim artificial lighting and to save power when a space is partly or fully illuminated by sunlight.

• I2C interface
• Supply-voltage range: 2.5V to 3.6V
• Illuminance measurement range: 0 lux to 43klux