STMicroelectronics – Offline 800V LED driver, HVLED815PF offers high power factor

STMicroelectronics’ HVLED815PF is an 800V offline LED driver in a single package which features a power factor of higher than 0.90.

A primary switcher intended for operation directly from the rectified mains, the HVLED815PF combines a high-performance controller chip and an 800V, avalanche-rugged power MOSFET in a single package. Requiring very few external components, it provides an efficient, compact and cost-effective solution for driving LEDs from a mains power supply.

The current-mode controller IC implements a zero-voltage switching flyback conversion topology, with its constant-current regulation supported by primary-sensing feedback. This topology provides for good LED current accuracy while eliminating the need for the optocoupler, secondary voltage reference and secondary-side current sensing found in other offline LED drivers.

Moreover, the HVLED815PF guarantees safe operation when a short circuit in one or more LEDs occurs.

The device can also provide constant-voltage regulation: this allows the application to work safely when the LED string opens due to a failure. In addition, the device detects a shorted secondary rectifier, when an LED string is shorted due to a failure, and transformer saturation.


  • ±3% LED current accuracy
  • Quasi-resonant operation
  • Automatic self-supply
  • 1mA quiescent current


  • Bulb-replacement lamps up to 15W
  • AC-DC LED drivers up to 15W


The STEVAL-ILL055V1 board generates a 640mA nominal output current, delivering up to 11W of output power from the HVLED815PF offline LED driver.
Orderable Part Number: STEVAL-ILL055V1