ST Microelectronics – The FERD30SM100S and FERD20H100S, 100V rectifier features low leakage current and thermal resistance

The FERD30SM100S and FERD20H100S are new 100V field- effect rectifiers from STMicroelectronics which benefit from proprietary fabrication technology.

ST’s silicon rectifier technology produces devices with a superior combination of forward-voltage and reverse-current values for any given silicon area.

This outstanding capability has been used to make rectifiers which are ideally suited to space-constrained designs, in which both high efficiency and low thermal resistance are of great importance. In the FERD30SM100S the junction-to-case thermal resistance is rated at 1.6°C/W.

Power losses are kept to a low value thanks to the FERD30SM100S’s low forward-voltage drop, measured at just 0.50V at a forward current of 10A and a junction temperature of 125°C. The maximum reverse leakage current is just 9mA at a junction temperature of 125°C and a reverse voltage of 70V.

Part NumberPackageMaximum Forward Voltage at 125°C (V)Maximum Forward Voltage at 125°C (V)Maximum Reverse Current (mA) at 125°C, Reverse Voltage = 70V
FERD30SM100DJFPowerFalt™ 5x6300.7109


  • 30A average forward current
  • 250A maximum surge-current capability
  • 175°C maximum junction temperature


  • General electronics systems



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