STMicroelectronics – AC-DC converter VIPer0P consumes ‘zero’ power in idle mode

The new STMicroelectronics’ VIPer0P is an offline AC-DC converter, which consumes just 4mW at 230V AC in idle mode thanks to its embedded Zero-Power Mode (ZPM) function. This is rounded to zero according to the IEC 62301 standard for home appliances.

The VIPer0P IC integrates a PWM controller and an 800V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET, giving designers a high safety margin for superior reliability. It may be configured as a flyback, buck or buck-boost switched-mode power supply. A flyback converter with a negative output voltage may be designed easily since it offers an externally available error amplifier ground.

• Current-mode jittered PWM controller
• Embedded high-voltage start-up and sense FET
• Over-current and overload protections and thermal shut-down


STEVAL-ISA174V1 is a 7W dual-output (+7V/-5V) non-isolated flyback converter.
The STEVAL-ISA179V1 is a 2.25W (5V/0.15A) non-isolated buck converter.
Orderable Part Numbers: STEVAL-ISA174V1, STEVAL-ISA179V1